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It can be a very hard time when a loved one passes away. The sadness and feeling of loss is hard enough to cope with and will always take time to heal.  Some of the hardest steps in the process are often found when sorting through the possessions of the deceased that are left behind.

Whilst there will no doubt be so many memories kept within their estate and possessions, it is common that most people dont have the room or need to keep everything. Someone in the family is then left with the stress of the estate clean out and they may need help with that task.

Once you have decided which of those things you want to keep and which you don’t, Busy Bees Junk is here to help! We offer the most sensitive and respectful home and estate clean out services in Phoenix and across Maricopa County.

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As soon as you are ready, give us a call and we can be at your loved ones residence at a time convenient to you to remove all of the unwanted items from their home. The most common items we remove are things like clothing, old furniture, appliances, mattresses or anything else that your loved one may have left behind.

We work with the families to make this process go as smooth and respectful as possible.

Some of our customers are from out of state and not able to travel or take time off in order to get the estate cleaned out, we can help in this situation. Just give us a call or email, and our specialist will discuss your circumstance with you.

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