Junk Haulage Pricing

All our trucks come with a 2 man crew to remove the debris from the property who do all the lifting of rubbish/debris / junk and load it into the truck. If you need for us to pack bags provide dismantling of any kind, there will be a per hour price at $30.00 per hour per man.

Our trucks carry a max load of 24 cubic yards which is considered to be 1 and a half load. The more junk you have, the less we charge. We provide same day junk removal service throughout all the boroughs of New York City including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx.

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*Price is doubled for heavy debris (concrete, sand, construction debris etc)

Junk Removal Cost By The Cubic Yard

3 Cubic Yards$119
6 Cubic Yards$189
9 Cubic Yards$259
12 Cubic Yards$329
15 Cubic Yards$399
18 Cubic Yards$469
21 Cubic Yards$539
24 Cubic Yards$609

Standard Item Price List

Bed ­ Box Spring (all sizes) $119$119
Bed ­ Mattress (all sizes)$119
Bike ­ Stationary$149
Cabinet ­Armoire / China / Hutch$149
Chair ­ Recliner$119
Copier / Printer ­ Commercial$159
Desk ­ Large$119
Freezer ­ Large$179
Hot Tub ­ (Starting at)$259
Piano ­ (Starting at)$239
Sofa ­ Sleeper$149
Table ­ Dining Room$119
TV ­ Large$129
TV ­ Regular$99
Pool table$259
Safe (starting at)$199
Washer or Dryer$199

By The Garbage Bag

10 bags of debris 25-30 lbs$149
15 bags of debris 25-30 lbs$180
20 bags of debris 25-30 lbs$225
25 bags of debris 25-30 lbs$263
30 bags of debris 25-30 lbs$301
35 bags of debris 25-30 lbs$339
40 bags of debris 25-30 lbs$377
45 bags of debris 25-30 lbs$415
50 bags of debris 25-30 lbs$453
55 bags of debris 25-30 lbs$491
60 bags of debris 25-30 lbs$529
65 bags of debris 25-30 lbs$567
70 bags of debris 25-30 lbs$609