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Carpet Removal Services Phoenix

So you’ve ordered your new carpet and are excited about the new look room that you’re decorating. First though, you need to get rid of that old dirty carpet that has seen better days! Removing carpets can be a pain to execute properly. They’re heavy, big and have lots of tacks and sharp nails that you can step on or cut your finger on. Then there’s all the dust, dirt, and grime you have to content with. Why bother with all that hassle. That’s what Busy Bees are here for!

Busy Bees Junk Removal provide reliable carpet removal service in Phoenix and across the Maricopa County region. 

We have been removing old carpets for years, we know the process and can pull up any size rugs or carpet. Don’t worry if your entire house is carpeted. We can pull everything out, even the old padding.

Carpet Removal Services Phoenix

Residential Junk We Can Remove

We remove all types of different appliances or other junk including:

Why Use A Carpet Removal Specialist in Phoenix?

Aside from our best in town prices for carpet removal across Phoenix and Maricopa County and the fact that our trained professionals offer a reliable timing schedule that is always convenient to your needs, the most important reason why you should use Busy Bees Junk for your carpet removal services in Phoenix is for health reasons.

Believe it or not, carpet removal is a process that if not undertaken correctly can lead to health issues especially respiratory ones. The dirt and dust that will be embedded in and under the old carpet from years of wear and tear will be dislodged and can really irritate your sinuses and trigger allergic reactions. 

With Busy Bees Junk Removal of Phoenix, we focus on health when removing old carpets. So when we are providing your carpet removal needs, you don’t need to worry about any nasty side effects of the process.  

Once we have removed your old carpet and padding from your home or office in or around Phoenix, we will haul it away and dispose of it at the proper waste facility in your area.

We will also make sure that we tidy up any remove any mess we may create during the lifting and removal so you will have a nice clean floor ready for your new look carpet.

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